It’s Not Enough

I find writing to be very therapeutic. Especially when it’s my attempt to unload something that has been plaguing my mind & will eventually make it down to my heart. And I hate it when it reaches my heart because although the eyes are closer to the mind it’s the pain of the heart that causes the tears.

Sometimes I write with an uncensored state of mind not caring who may come across these words, but I feel that if I don’t explain the context of today’s feelings I very well might end up getting pushed off the edge of a pier. For all of you who disagree with my point of view please don’t contemplate throwing rocks at me. We all have our own story, our own goals, our own desires out of life and just because they don’t align doesn’t make either of us right or wrong.

For the past couple days, hell maybe its been weeks (it’s hard to navigate the inner workings of oneself) I have felt for lack of a better word, bereft. And after spending unlimited hours trying to figure out why I have felt this way it sort of just fell out of my mouth this morning. And so here I am about to drop a very loaded question on all of you. Like nuclear loaded.

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