Wow. Just Wow.

So I dropped my first revised draft into the hands of my wonderful beta’s this past Wednesday morning and I’m already getting feedback. It’s been humbling and exciting and nerve-wracking and every other emotion in-between. As a writer, we read our work over and over and over again throughout the process and honestly a ton more during editing. When I did my final read-through I didn’t trust it, I didn’t believe it and I thought… “Everyone is going to hate this.”

Thankfully this has not been the case. I’m prepared for the haters, the naysayers, and the debbie-downers because I know books are 100% subjective. I don’t expect everyone to love it, get it or even understand it. But so far people have been and I cannot tell you how much this makes my heart soar.

This last year was full of self-doubt, the desire to give up, and the constant wondering if all this time I spent following a dream was a waste of time. But now I feel like rejoicing and I’m so grateful I said no to sleep, hanging out with friends and having a clean house 24/7 because the reward has been so so sweet. And it’s a great reminder that if it’s worth it to you, then it’s worth the sacrifice.

I set out to follow a dream and it came true. I couldn’t be more proud of myself and excited for what this new career will bring me. I don’t expect fame and fortune, but it’s nice to have an outlet other than diapers and sippy cups.

To anyone out there wondering if taking a chance is worth it to follow their dream. It is. It always is.

Make it happen. Otherwise you’ll regret it forever.

6 thoughts on “Wow. Just Wow.

  1. So proud of you…..and genuinely proud to beta this book. It’s incredible. I’m STILL thinking about your characters today! So, so, so proud and can’t wait until its published!!!


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