I came to the conclusion the other day that I need to stop caring what people will think about what I write. And no, I’m not talking about getting bad reviews or people complaining about how I write. I’m talking about content and my word choices.

My world is comprised of a very diverse group of people. Conservatives, liberals, democrats, republicans, straight, gay, christian, atheist, muslim, catholic, black, white, mexican, egyptian, korean, short people, tall people, fat people, skinny people, singles, married couples, people who enjoy alcohol A LOT, people who enjoy it a little and people who hate it. With that being said there is no way on God’s green earth that I am going to please everyone. It just isn’t possible. Plus, my point isn’t to please you with my writing. It’s hopefully to teach you something and share a piece of my heart with you. If you can’t read it for what it is then don’t read it.

My mother and I had an interesting conversation the other day about whether or not she would read my book. She said she probably wouldn’t. And that’s fine. I think my story would probably scare her to pieces, being that she is the most precious, innocent little bug on the planet and I would hate to have her be squashed by my words. The funny thing is I’m a lot like her, but somehow I’ve managed to stumble upon this story and these characters that are the exact opposite. I guess since I know I’m writing “characters” that are separate from me that I can see the difference. I realize not many people can do this.

More often then not, people assume that the writer is the writing and not just the writer. Don’t get me wrong there are pieces of me all over the book. Either in the characters personalities, their likes/dislikes or maybe how they respond to certain things. But let me make it very clear that my characters are not me. Writers are creative people and thus have the ability to make-up a plethora of crazy shiz. Seriously. So hopefully when you read Nate dropping f*bombs and his mother and father participating in a myriad of evil you won’t think WOW this girl is one sadistic little wench.

Because guess what – I AM NOT.

If anything I hope this showcases my talent as a writer- to have the ability to write things in which I have little to no experience with. Because dark and emotionally heart-wrenching situations are pretty much the exact opposite of my life.

At the end of the day my goal is two fold:
1. That my writing causes you to think. Whether it changes your perspective on things or how you approach people or anything really, I want to get your wheels turning.
2. That you are able to taste every page. I want the words to melt in your mouth like a Thanksgiving Day feast.

Even if you hate it at the end, but you can say yes to those 2 things, then personally, I will have succeeded. There’s not much else to it for me.

8 thoughts on “Conclusion

  1. Ok, so I just read this blog entry…AGAIN…and went to comment on it….AGAIN, not realizing that I already did. You inspire me. Simple as that, my dear. I hope that I can grow a thick skin in regards to my own writing—right now, five people have it in their possession and I am scared to death….I need to stop feeling that way and embrace your words. Thank you, MP!


  2. yes, i'm stalking you now. sorry. at least i'm honest. :)i needed to read this very thing RIGHT NOW. i have so struggled with this and have to continually just write anyway, but still have guilt about all the people i will anger. it's just going to be that way no matter what. and if i write too saccharin sweet then i won't like it, so…may as well write the stories that come.thanks for that therapy session. 😉


  3. Stalk away! I love stranger danger. It keeps life thrilling. I'm a major blog addict as well. It's like I sit down to do something really important, like talk to my 1-dimensional internet friends and I get sidetracked by the raw written word of random strangers. It's awesome. It's beautiful.And yes, write the stories that come. They have a purpose.


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