Postpartum and 2 months

So its been 2+ months since Eliana was born and I can officially say that I am already excited to be pregnant again some day. Not anytime soon, but within the next few years. The first few weeks were definitely an adjustment, but by week 4 I felt like I had a pretty good grasp on things. And now I am loving it 🙂

So I thought since I gave updates about how the pregnancy was going I would give an update about how the post-pregnancy was going 🙂

When I was admitted for Eliana’s delivery I weighed about 175lbs. I was teetering on the 50lb mark as far as weight gain goes. Eeeek. When you hear that your suppose to gain between 25 and 35 I was a little worried that I was gonna be permanently huge even after she came out. However, it was somewhat comforting to know that she was on the large end as far as babies go and apparently I had a placenta that was double the average size (about 4lbs). So I lost 15lbs in just the delivery alone when you consider fluid loss as well. So that put me at 160. Still pretty scary considering I am only 5’6”.

Within the first 2 weeks I lost another 15lbs. I am not sure if other women experienced this but I was a sweat machine. Especially at night when I slept. I seriously felt like I had to take 10 showers a day. It was gross. I would wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat. I definitely don’t miss that. However at the 2 week mark I sort of hit a plateau and stopped losing weight. So I was at 145 and I stayed there for about 3 more weeks. I was a little bummed that I still had 20lbs on me that didn’t seem to want to leave. Especially when some women only gain 20lbs during their entire pregnancy.

Needless to say I attempted at putting my old jeans on 5 weeks postpartum. Not a good idea. Those suckers wouldn’t even budge over my hips (which might I mention had widened to about the size of the Titanic). I honestly felt there was no way they would ever go back to normal. I had a good 5 inches between the button on my jeans and the button hole. It seemed an impossible request that the button would ever meet that hole again. Pretty depressing.

So I decided to toss those suckers at the bottom of my drawer and forget about them. My maternity jeans still fit me and I figured I would just sport those for the next year or decade if need be. So life carried on and I continued to breastfeed and decided to not concern myself with the scale or my old jeans. Life was good.

It wasn’t until maybe a few days ago when my sister and Hector both complained that I looked ridiculous in my maternity jeans that I decided to try on my old jeans. First I stepped on the scale out of curiosity and sure enough I had dropped 10 more pounds!! I was looking at 135lbs and I was ecstatic. I still had doubts that the jeans would fit considering my hips still looked freakishly wide. But to my surprise (albeit with a little manhandling and special maneuvering) my jeans fit!! I did have to do some lunges and squats to loosen them up a bit, but hey I got them buttoned without having to deal with a muffin top. Success at last.

At this point I don’t really care/want to lose any more weight any time soon. I know I need to keep on some weight to continue breastfeeding and that over the next few months it will probably go away as I start to exercise again and get back into a healthy routine. So word to the wise Breastfeeding is amazing!! And not everyone fits into the 25-35lb weight gain range. My body gained exactly what it needed to (apparently exactly what it needed to created a 9lb 3oz mammoth baby). As long as your not overeating and chowing down on sweets each day I would say trust your body, it knows what its doing.

Now onto the more delicate issue my “downstairs” situation. To be honest the first 3 weeks after delivering her weren’t that bad. However I think my nerve endings started to come back around week 4 and then let’s just say things got uncomfortable. I ended up going in for a minor procedure to fix my situation and then I finally started feeling better. Having to deal with a 4th degree tear is not fun. I might even go as far as to say that the postpartum healing was way worse then my 33 hours of labor. Either way I am glad both are over. Because I can officially say I feel “almost” normal again. I am not sure if things will ever be the same down there, but considering what a vaginal birth can do to you I think that’s to be expected.

So for now things are amazing and I have nothing to complain about 🙂 Except however for the lack of one small 3 letter word in my life. We still haven’t tried that yet. I was thinking a good solution would be Valentine’s Day, a giant bottle of wine and lots of glide from my good friend Astro. I mean if we ever want to have child #2 its eventually gonna have to happen. Right?

Wish me luck.

2 thoughts on “Postpartum and 2 months

  1. i seriously love how blunt and honest you are! good luck with valentines day…leith is oncall so im gonna be enjoying a romantic evening alone. let me know if you guys wanna go out and ill watch ur precious daughter!


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