Last One…

This will be my last post centered on Eliana until my next post 🙂 haha j/k. No, but seriously I promise this will be my last post about Eliana for awhile. I have so many other things I want to share as well. However, this morning as I was going through my photos I found this one that I hadn’t really taken notice of before and for some reason I just loved it.

My Dearest Eliana,
So much has changed in life since you came into this world. One of the most obvious is mama’s body. Let’s just say you have left your mark on me. But I don’t regret it and in fact I am trying to embrace it. For your smile alone justifies the changes. 
The endless hours I used to spend enraptured in a book are now spent playing and cuddling with you. Do I miss my paperbacks? Of course, but do I miss them enough to regret having you… Never. 
Freedom also has a new meaning. I can no longer jump in the car at a moment’s notice and take off to do whatever I want. I can no longer ride a bike (well at least for a few more weeks/months). I can no longer go out clubing and dance the night away with my girls… Oh wait I never did that. I can no longer…. hmmm… well I can no longer….. huh…. let’s see I am sure there is way more stuff that I can no longer do now that I have you. I can no longer   .   .   .   .  well I guess its really not that bad. 
On the other hand I can take a nap whenever you take a nap and it be fully justified. I can go weeks on end without cleaning or cooking and no one will complain or blame me. I am actually suppose to sit and play with you for hours on end instead of running errands. I can play dress up with you, bathe you, swing you, nap with you, take a walk with you, go to the park with you, have a lunch date with you, really do anything that involves you and my day will be considered full of accomplishments. So in reality Eliana, THANK YOU for giving me a break from my previously hyper-scheduled life. And also teaching me that if my house isn’t clean from top to bottom 24 hours a day 7 days a week life will not end. You essentially haven’t made my life harder. In actuality you have made it much easier. 
So dearest daughter of mine please know that I love you and I am so glad we are Team Pink. You have only made our lives that much sweeter. 
Love always,

3 thoughts on “Last One…

  1. This message and picture are so beautiful! I'm sorry we didn't get to spend more time together as neighbors before Danny and I moved out. We miss seeing you guys! Danny showed me your blog and I love it (especially since it will be our turn for baby day in September). Lots of love to you, Hector, and Eliana.


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