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So every day I get an email from Etsy with their “daily finds” and sometimes its super hard to resist not buying EVERYTHING!!! However, I generally have good restraint and thus want to share with everyone the items that I would buy today if I thought I truly needed them or didn’t have to think about buying diapers and paying for baby stuff.

So even though I won’t “own” these items in real life let’s pretend we went shopping and then went home and poured all of our amazing purchases on my coffee table.

 I would love to have an herb garden one day. In fact I would love to have an everything garden, but condo/city living makes it rather rough. These copper herb tags would patina so beautifully over time and just add that little touch of whimsy. A gnome would help as well 🙂

 Sometimes I wish I knew how to write in amazing cursive, but unfortunately I always forget how to write Q and Z and my K’s always look like R’s. Having one of these on hand would encourage me to send out more handwritten letters. And I LOVE stationary. Especially stationary that looks like it came from the Jane Austen era.

 I actually will own this item. I have been searching for that perfect diaper bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag, but is more functional then just buying a purse. Some purses can totally be pulled off as diaper bags, other purses don’t have enough pockets/compartments to make it useful enough. This is just perfect. Not only does it NOT look like a diaper bag (goal #1) I would totally use it everyday for my own stuff (goal # 2) and its made out of upholstery material so it will last forever (goal # 3).

I really want a Christmas tree this year, but I don’t think we will have the room nor the time to get one/decorate it with the baby coming any day. So my alternative is to buy a vinyl decal for our wall. This one is cool because its an advent calendar that counts down the days for you and you place an ornament over the # of the day to “decorate” your tree. Super cute!

Even though the Advent Calendar Tree has an interactive piece which is awesome, this tree really speaks to me. Its just soooo adorable and you can have it made in many different color options. So what do you think? 
And last but not least I wanted to share something that used to be sold on Etsy and now has their own online store because they got sooo huge. It’s called Bangerang Bake Shop and they are the originator’s of the cupcake in a jar. I bought one of these last year for Hector’s birthday and let me tell you… it’s worth every PENNY!!! SO AMAZING. I got the Red Velvet Revolution and WOW. So if you are looking to send a holiday pie or a fruit cake to a loved one STOP. Instead send them a cupcake in a jar. They will love it. I promise!

I hope you enjoyed shopping with me 🙂

9 thoughts on “Etsy Finds

  1. Hey, the purse link is not coming up. I love that bag and would like to check it out further. Can u try the link again or send me the shop name to find? I know u are super busy so if you cant thats ok too:)Ap/Kristin


  2. Sunny-That diaper bag is TOO CUTE! Also….look at some of anthro's sale purses cuz like the one that i have, it has SO MANY POCKETS and it's cute 🙂 And lastly, I wish i was in SD with you cuz i think helping you make a cute tree on the wall can be creative and fun fun fun! I have ideas! Anywhoo…I miss you terribly and I can't wait for the arrival of Baby P!!!


  3. I love the herb tags. I think I will buy them so that next summer when Erik is finally done with school we can start the garden we have been wanting to!!! This is basically Erik's project but the tags can be my/your contribution!! 🙂 The purse is great too. Is it really a diaper bag or just a really cool purse??


  4. Miata – I was just on anthro after I saw your purse you had just bought. I tried to find something similar and they didn't have anything ;( sooo sad!!Jeanne – Yes it actually is a "diaper bag", but literally anyone could wear it and no one would ever know. It comes with the interior pockets that I wanted though and an exterior pocket and you can add the straps to make it a messenger bag as well. All things that I was searching for 🙂 The designer makes similar bags in different sizes that aren't "diaper bags", but the differences aren't that huge.


  5. ummmm… I LOVE the diaper bag!!! I wish they made it in the nautical strips because I am absolutely in love with that one:) My husband will be glad that they don't make it, plus I don't think I can justify getting a new diaper bag after only 3 months! haha… what great finds Melissa!*Does anyone still call you Missy? I always want to call you that by habit. Weird since it's been so long sine we've seen each other.


  6. Okay, Lets please save up some moneys and go shopping together (whether that is online or at thriftstores)! I love all these things and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the diaper bag. Good choice and I'm so proud of you that it doesn't look "Mommy." Oh, I love your vintage/modern class.


  7. Thanks Britt! Well you could always say you need a new "purse" and it could function as both 🙂 haha Christmas is right around the corner. And I am not sure if she has nautical stripes, but her bags are fully customizable. The outer upholstery and the inner lining can be any combination. *Saying Missy takes me back! But no one really calls me that anymore. Most people call me Meliss, but I am sure if I were to see Val Gonzalez, Amy Burdick or Jenny Orona they would all feel the same compulsion to call me Missy 🙂 I wouldn't mind at all. SGCS unite! haha


  8. aww, the bag fits you perfectly!can't wait to see you rockin it around town with a pretty little girl at your side <3and etsy pretty much rocks my world, i want to sell on there!


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